Muriel Gallardo


Hovel, Structure made by recollected objects and branches found around of the perimeter of the city of Santiago de Chile. 2,00 x 1,80 x 1,80 m, 2014

In her interdisciplinary artwork, Muriel Gallardo Weinstein engages in a continuous discovery and appropriation of the space, the world and its qualities, highlighting the instability and composite nature of reality. The artist is inspired by philosophy, science and literature, which combined with her aesthetic background instantiate the usage of diverse art procedures and techniques. Her artworks intend to open sense regarding the perspectival and situated nature of perception and the world as an interwoven web of relationships, as the gathering of materiality, geographies, histories and cultures. In her artwork she creates a visual poetic language and worlds of experiences by decontextualize and displace elements, generating new possible combinations of relationships within the world. The artist attempts to question the very essence of reality, human perception and the edges of society

01.07.2017 – 01.07.2018