Markus Degerman


Besides working on his own projects, Stockholm-based artist Markus Degerman collaborates with the art, design and architecture group Uglycute. In his works, Degerman experiments with spatial design in various environments, such as public or urban spaces and art institutions.

By making additions or alterations to these environments, he draws attention to the social and political implications written into the architecture of the space. In this sense, his works could be said to explore the potential for different approaches to design in relation to the qualities and values of a specific context. A similar interest in related issues is also evidenced in the role his works often play in exhibitions. They frequently have a strong visual impact, even though their purpose of presenting and promoting the works of others is traditionally regarded as a subordinate function in exhibitions.

Markus Degerman´s poetic imagery relates to the place and the situation in a conceptual way, incorporating references at several levels, not least in the choice of materials and techniques.

(Mia Zeek)

15.10.2007 – 15.10.2008

Exhibition: 10 – 27.07.2008