Marianne Vierø


The dominant subject of my work so far has been an investigation of the distance between ideal and illusion. I work with photography and installation, sometimes as one inseparable entity, sometimes as two different mediums. The objects used in my work are mostly ordinary and unspectacular; still they often appear in a context that lends them a different value, leading to a renegotiation of our understanding of them. Formally my work is at once confirming and rejecting different parameters for how it can be read. I leave room for contradictions; I work with a subtle distortion of perceptual preconceptions and introduce a loss of orientation. I’m interested in how our understanding of something is formulated, how already existing perceptions influence the process of interpreting new matter, and whether we first see the aspects already known to us or the things unfamiliar to the eye.

01.06. – 15.04.2007

Exhibition: 07.12. – 23.12.2007