Manar Moursi


BanffLoudspeaker — Photograph from a work-in-progress performance at Banff, related to the larger Loudspeaker and Tower (2018) project. Photographed by Jeff Mann.

Manar Moursi is a Kuwait-born Egyptian-Canadian researcher, architect, and artist. In her artistic practice, Manar often works on long-term research-based projects that scrutinize expressions of power in the body, bodies of land, architecture, and everyday materials and objects. Her artistic output spans various mediums: video, installation, performance, photography, artist books, and writing.
In addition to her artistic practice, Manar is pursuing a Ph.D. in Art and Architectural History, Theory, and Criticism at MIT. Her research there is guided by eco-critical, feminist, and decolonial lenses. Her art often draws from this theoretical and historical research and her training as an architect. Manar has presented her work in spaces across the Middle East, Mexico, Canada, and Europe.

01.02. – 15.12.2024