Krista Belle Stewart


Potato Gardens Band. Site specific performance as part of Stages: Drawing the Curtain, Plug In ICA, Winnipeg, 2017. Artist playing bucket filled with ancestral Spaxomin dirt along with contact microphone and guitar pedals. Photo: Karen Asher.

Krista Belle Stewart’s practice focuses upon processes of iterative representation. Just as history is understood through multiple (re)mediations – whether oral, photographic, filmic, or sculptural – her process repurposes the source image through various technes and translations.

Tied to considerations of culture and history, more specifically to Krista Belle’s Indigenous community within the Syilx Nation, her work questions the possibility for political efficacy in art. Exploring both the immanent transmission of force through land as well as the echoing effects of historical paradigms through archival media she allows for an in-depth engagement with the uncertain forms that ultimately provide ways of pointing to colonial history’s exterior.

01.01. – 30.06.2019