Josée Pedneault


Naevus, photography on vinyle, 2017

Referencing philosophy, scientific theories as well as traditional cosmogonies, my artistic practice questions belief systems that define – from elementary particles to the limits of the universe – our conception of the natural world. Of particular significance is the way in which abstract concepts take tangible forms, such as maps and time-measuring devices; forms that reflect our psychological, cultural and historical understanding of the world. In my process, I freely adopt scientific research methods and references such as the collection of proof-like material, the examination of archives, the use of databases, and the observation of natural phenomena.

I build installations using photographs combined with objects, drawings, archive material, and small sculptures. The fragmented layering and synthesis of these diverse forms, images, combined with shifts in perspective, disrupt a unified reading. Between projection of the future and archaeology of the past, time is presented as simultaneous and elliptical. This prompts viewers to produce new meanings by contemplating the problematic manner in which the world is experienced and understood.

01.01. – 31.12.2018