Jesse Amado


Consequences #1, 2015, virgin wool felt with tailor pins, 180.34 x 93.98 x 35.56 cm, Courtesy Ruiz-Healy Art, San Antonio, Texas

When I settle into the practice of art, past and current, the one conceit that persistently unfolds is the desire to investigate the arc of the transmutation. This reflects my keen interest in the zeitgeist and the inherent dynamic qualities it posses that address the trends and thoughts of particular periods of time. My work endorses the quality of change and how limitless and liberating it can be for an artist. It resists the formulaic and instead embraces the free association and process that reflect the Freudian play of the creative act. Utilizing forms, images, materials, fashions and medias of human industries; I’m able to produce commentaries on the ambiguities of modern and contemporary culture and the investments that are ultimately made by society.