Hannah Anbert


Sacred Work, Various materials (wool, silk, cotton, acrylic, rubber, PVC, Neoprene, artificial fur, wood, steel), dimensions variable, 2016, Courtesy the artist

In her recent works Hannah Anbert has been particularly interested in the way political economy interferes with social relations. Career Cabaret (2017), consisting of two scenographies including props and costumes, stages labour work as the choreography for society. In Sacred Work (2016), the critical reflection on capitalist work society takes the shape of a fashion collection of working and religious clothes, together with a series of karaoke videos of rewritten pop hits dealing with labour as a secular religion and addressing issues such as stress management, CV writing, HR and the origin of paid labour. Anbert’s background in theatre and as a political activist is present in her work, which uses a broad range of media. Humour and a sense for the sometimes grotesque forms of human coexistence also feature prominently in the music video she is currently working on, which thematises the connections between economic and social debt. Anbert is also engaged in self-organised temporary schools on artistic and political topics.

01.10. – 31.10.2017