Francisco Alonzo

United States of America

As a child I never understood immigration, race, or even poverty, which were things that my family was constantly in contact with.  My work today is an investigation on the concept of culture. What are the things that define us within society?  Nationality, skin color, how we dress, political affiliations, our personalities and attitudes in varied settings, are all things that make up who we are. Why do we as individuals perceive ourselves in a way that forces us to separate ourselves within different groups in society.  When do we start to become or refuse to accept that the  perceptions of others are who we really are. Cultures, and subcultures  are stereotyped by common generalizations.  There is truth to stereotypes and these truths are often the binding agent that exist within all races.  As an immigrant being exposed to stereo-types and forced into my role in American society, I am interested in exploring the families that arise from the conglomerate population that exists in America.

01.07. – 31.08.2013