Daniel Lie

Indonesia, Brazil

Daniel Lie, Quing, 2019, installation, pink oyster mushroom (Pleurotus salmoneo-stramineus), winter oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus), unnamed entities, turmeric and linseed gel paint, ceramic jars with rice, water and sugar, natural fibre rope, plastic sack, cotton fabri, bio digestion heater, copper pipe, mechanical pipe system, water, dimensions variable. Installation view, The Negative Years at Jupiter Artland, Scotland, U.K. Courtesy the artist and Jupiter Artland Foundation. Photo: Ruth Clark

In Daniel Lie’s work time is the central pillar of reflection. From the oldest and most affective memory – involving family and personal stories – to memories objects transport enduring the world over longest time scales; the work is inspired by the period of a lifetime and the duration and states of the elements.

Through installations, sculptures, and the hybridization of art languages, the objects refer to concepts stemming from the art of performance itself – an art which is based on time, ephemerality, and presence. To highlight these three instances, Lie produces installations that have the presence of other-than-humans elements such as decaying matter, growing plants, fungi revealing the time they contain as it relates with the human body.

The research faces tensions between science and religion, ancestry and present, rottenness and freshness, life and death and attempts to break binary thought. Daniel Lie is a gender non-conforming Indonesian-Brazilian artist, born in Sao Paulo and is currently based in Berlin.

12.10.2020 – 15.08.2021


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