Carola Spadoni


Carola Spadoni, Untitled 2010<2015 in HPSCHD 1969>2015, MAMbo Museo d'Arte Moderna di Bologna. Courtesy of Live Arts Week

Carola Spadoni is an Italian artist and filmmaker who’s work deals with moving images, narration, intersectional theory and practices, and installation outcomes. For the residency she will specifically work on the long term research based project Archiving the Peripatetic Film & Video collection: This film and video footage collection was built through years of filming by the artist since the 1980s using the camera as a diary, a sketch book, a tool of engagement and contemplation. The overall material is built on 16mm films to smartphone recordings, as much as on constant journeys into urban and rural territories, demonstrations, carnivals, riots, gatherings, street life, into the magic and the mundane. The fragmented unchronological perception of time and the presence of stories, are the origin from which diverse topics rhizomatically spring. The footage exists as her/his/us-storical documents and as subjective pathosformel (Aby Warburg).

The footage was taken in: New York City (1988-1998); the 2001 Genoa G8 demos; loose scenes with actress Chloe Sevigny in the early 90s; a May 1st gathering in Havana and Fidel Castro’s official speech; Bamako, Segou and Mopti and the Pays Dogon in Mali in 2005, to name just as few examples.

The project aims to contribute to intersectional methods of archiving and to generate accessible emancipatory knowledge while challenging the notion of the archive as a monolithic entity. The moving images logging and classification process is a speculative research and production based on notions of date, place, name and format, as much as of intuition, memory, anticolonial narratives, resonance, play, drawings and symbols. Built upon a criteria of personal and professional life’s experiences of feminist practices, political and cultural activism, DIY inventions, independent filmmaking resources, institutional critique and conviviality, the archive will be accessible online and open to collaborations.