Norway - Yugoslavia

BULL.MILETIC is the name of the artists’ duo founded by Synne Bull and Dragan Miletic in San Francisco, in 2000.

The collective’s main interest lies in the question of how reality is perceived through different media. By investigating the nuances between presentation and representation, their work temporarily displaces the viewer and facilitates his or her awareness of the interplay of medium and subject. Their ideas often involve time-based work, resulting in single or multiple channel video installations. In the course of their artistic practice they respond to their immediate surroundings.

Their main focus in Berlin is an exploration of the specific architectural phenomena through the moving image’s relationship to time and space. The subtle shift in the awareness created by the representation of the forgotten and the overlooked is used to expose the ordinary as a succession of spectacles in between physical and imaginary space. In addition, they will develop a TV series of nine half hour episodes, loosely based on each month of the Künstlerhaus Bethanien residency. They will also create a compilation of video works by Berlin-based artists. Both of these will be broadcast on their monthly public access TV show in San Francisco.

25.11. – 12.12.2004