See You at the Studio!

Ten Years with Artists in Residence

This catalogue is published on the occasion of the exhibition with the same name at Künstlerhaus Bethanien.
An exhibition by KfW Stiftung in cooperation with Künstlerhaus Bethanien.

Between 2013 and 2023, the KfW Stiftung collaborated with Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin for an international artist-in-residence programme that promoted artistic production and intercultural dialogue with a global outlook. These past ten years have seen the same two residential studios repeatedly moved into, inhabited, occupied, personalised and made hospitable by a total of twenty fellows. Renovated and furnished with essentials, their transformation began with each new arrival: Since the inception of the programme, the studios have served as a workshops, laboratories and offices, as archives and art depots, as meeting places and exhibition venues. Against this background, the studio itself marks the conceptual starting point of the exhibition.
How have the individual working practices of the artists developed since their participation in the programme? How did it shape their artistic production? Scattered around the world once more, the artists have opened their studios for personal visits and virtual conversations. The resulting dialogues about the implication of studio space against the backdrop of a globally anchored art practice reverberate in the exhibition – offering a glance into the studio. With this in mind: See you at the Studio?

With Salwa Aleryani, Orawan Arunrak, Vartan Avakian, Gaelle Choisne, Regina José Galindo, Ahmed El Ghoneimy, Aziz Hazara, Gladys Kalichini, Khvay Samnang, Hamlet Lavastida, Daniel Lie, Talya Lubinsky, Stary Mwaba, Elia Nurvista, Andrés Pereira Paz, Matheus Rocha Pitta, Prajakta Potnis, Thabiso Sekgala, Mai Nguyen Thi Than und Carla Zaccagnini.

Design: Torsten Illner & Tobias Jacob

Vartan Avakian, Nikita Dhawan, Daniela Leykam, Yvette Mutumba, Prajakta Potnis, Thabiso Sekgala, Barbara Wittmann

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