Yunyi Liu

Landscaping from History

As in her earlier work, recently Yunyi Liu has continued to examine the border areas and overlappings of space and time, memory and history. Liu’s latest project Landscaping from History comprises a photo series of the same title as well as the sketch project A Catalogue of a Border Island’s Defensives, both produced during several excursions by the artist to the Taiwanese  Kinmen Islands. Located directly on the border to today’s mainland China, due to its strategic significance this small archipelago was repeatedly coveted by the military over the course of history and so became a setting of frequent violent conflicts.
In her Landscaping project, the artist has captured the remnants of these “war landscapes” (Liu), their ruined bunkers, fortifications and underground tunnels in the midst of all re-conquering nature with great sensitivity, and so subtly visualizes the setting as a warning metaphor of human martial insanity for the viewer, any reigniting of which we should aim to prevent in future.

15.11. – 09.12.2018
Tue - Sun: 2 - 7pm
Admission free

7 pm