Window Display

Andrew Benson

Andrew Benson, still from "You have a Radical Face"

The films of Andrew Benson (http://pixlpa.com) interweave infinite layers of visual loops into a hypnotic digital maelstrom. Based on fractured gradients, polygonal feedbacks, painterly gestures and data extrapolated from webcams they collide in a rushing speed – reminiscent of the groaning continuous load of our optimized society.
Originally conceived as ever-evolving real-time work Benson sliced out a short sequence for You have a Radical Face to create an intoxicating self-portrait of technocratic processes commonly used in video streaming.

The work is a retrospect of Penetrating Surfaces, an extensive screening curated by Robert Seidel (http://www.robertseidel.com) for the Film Museum Vienna in 2014.  It deliberates on the materially-inherent aesthetic potential of the digital, a search above and beyond the boundaries of software and its media metaphors.

Andrew Benson, * 1979, lives and works in San Francisco (USA)

03.11. – 18.11.2014
Gallery window at
Kottbusser Str. 10
daily 2 pm – 2 am
Admission free