Window Display

Cristopher Cichocki

Property Division (Traversing Terrain)
USA 2014, 3:55 min

Virtual markings disaggregate our modern world. Their multifaceted transitions into reality are often aligned to borders, houses, streets or construction sites. In the US there is an additional system of neon spray marks, reflecting infrastructural divisions and temporal developments of property.
But its complex color code is going beyond pure parceling, illustrating the danger of electrical and telecommunication lines as well as gas pipes buried in the ground. This offers a short glimpse into the invisible restructuring processes, that traverse the country and that reshape our planet in the comparatively short timescales.

Cristopher Cichocki, *1979, lives and works in Coachella Valley, California, USA | www.cristophersea.com

The on-going screening series Phantom Horizons presents digital as well as analogue works that question the paradigm of linear perspective, seeking for a new kind of “status perspective” [Bedeutungsperspektive]. The latter was a development of medieval painting, in which the size of figures is determined by their hierarchical significance. Extending this approach with deconstructivistic ideas and contemporary possibilities of film creation, the presented works open up multifaceted, unseen horizons.
Curated by Robert Seidel | www.robertseidel.com

15.02. – 02.03.2016
Gallery window at Kottbusser Str. 10
Daily: 4 pm – 2 am
Admission free