Sofia Bäcklund

On (I mean come on)

Sofia Bäcklund creates series or groups of sculptures, which both represent and abstract objects from our everyday environment. Her works focus on aspects of the interplay between individuals and society, and on the role that material plays in these processes. One recurrent theme in Bäcklund’s work is the necessity for limits and boundaries to exist in order to create meaning.
For the group shown in Künstlerhaus Bethanien, On (I mean come on), Bäcklund brings together massive and textile materials and combines substructures made from metal rods welded together, natural wood and rough paper with specially dyed fabrics which form the ‘outer skin’ of the sculptures. In this context the various forms of the production process are also important to her; in one and the same work, therefore, she contrasts a quickly completed process involving intense decision-making, like welding, with the more contemplative, time-consuming work of sewing. The height of the sculptures is oriented on human dimensions and constitutes a reference to the human body, as does Bäcklund’s choice of colours for the fabrics – nuances of skin and powder colours.
On the other hand, the forms are indicative of kitchen utensils, bathtubs, plants etc. Each sculpture makes up its own platform or scene.
In her works Bäcklund sounds out the diverse relations between human being and body, social environment and history.

Sofia Bäcklund (*1983) is a grantee of the International Artists’ Studio Programme in Sweden (IASPIS).

22.08. – 21.09.2014
Tue - Sun: 2 - 7pm
Admission free

7 – 10 pm