Sensorium/ Go Into The Space

Mark Themann’s multi-layered art practice incorporates installations, performance, drawings, photo and print media. His installations and performances touch a terrain, which hovers between the phenomenological, the absurd, the tautological and the paradoxical. “Sensorium / Go Into This Space” is an installation in two parts, specifically conceived by the artist for the entrance space and the upper floor gallery of Künstlerhaus Bethanien. “Sensorium / Go Into This Space” continues certain recurring markers within Themann’s practice: the presence of the durational, implied or ‘sub-vocalized’ sound, a reflexive performativity, text and context. In the street level based entrance space Themann presents an installation of wall and floor based works using digital prints, mirrors, everyday objects and materials, as well as texts by the artist. A subtle lyrical terrain is presented which engages the viewer’s subjectivity via an implied musicality and a focus on the internal voice, in combination with actual and implied levels of mirroring and projection. In contrast to the subtle lyricism of the entrance space, the exhibition space in the upper floor presents a wall based text in monumental scale, the heroic of which is undercut by its paradoxical content, a text, which both affirms and negates itself and thus permits multiple readings on the limits of thought, and on the conditions for its appearance within the visual and spatial domain.

06.07. – 29.07.2012

Admission free


Mark Themann is currently participating in our International Studio Programme.