Salwa Aleryani

Intending probability

In her installation objects Aleryani pursues a critical archaeology of the public space. She focuses especially on the way these physical and socio-cultural areas and their infrastructures mutually depend, shape and change each other. She examines sites, structures and colletive rituals by extracting common objects and materials from their contexts and transferring them into installation arrangements.
Aleryani’s newest reflection is devoted to the concepts of hope and promise in public and political staged ceremonial settings. In her exhibition Intending probability, she addresses the forms and consequences of public rituals like the first brick laying of new constructions. For Aleryani the striking feature of the often theatrical scenarios is the celebration of something that does not yet exist (and therefore carries the notion of wishful thinking). In this sense, they are demonstrative expressions of the conviction that everything is under control, the suggestion of reliability and responsibility and the hope for a better future. The artist deconstructs these ceremonies and reveals aspects of interpretation that lead into multiple directions by using tools (trowel, plumb line) or different materials, like wax, transforming them into a new medium and material and therefore presenting them in a new light.

27.05. – 19.06.2016
Tue - Sun: 2 - 7pm
Admission free

7 pm

KfW Stiftung