Rendezvous with an Impulse

Bayrle, Martin, Mishiev, Rafman, Ruff, Shtini, Williams

Starting out from Thomas Bayrle and his “aesthetic rigour of the grid” and from the “manic seriality” (Marius Babias, Kunstforum International, 1999) which has been groundbreaking for a younger generation of artists, the exhibition opens a view towards current creative processes under the influence of overlapping digital and analogue painting praxis.
The aesthetics of novel combinations of computer design and the hand-produced, Photoshop and classic painting praxis create a form of representation born from the experiences and preferences of the youngest generation of artists, who no longer construct any distinctions from the new media and, by contrast to all artists before them, feel comfortable and assured in front of a computer screen.

Rendezvous with an Impulse is being organized by Christoph Tannert and presents works by:
Thomas Bayrle, Bernhard Martin, Igor Mishiev, Jon Rafman, Thomas Ruff, Lui Shtini, Sue Williams

15.11. – 09.12.2018
Tue - Sun: 2 - 7pm
Admission free

7 pm