Nico Dockx


Nico Dockx’ works often constitute his response to found texts, images or architectonic structures. In many cases, he works together with other artists, musicians or even scientists, since his aesthetic practice develops in conjunction with and relation to others. Nico Dockx’ work is inspired by a fundamental interest in structural processes and archives. His installations, sound settings, published texts and videos examine the interrelations of perception and memory and create space for many individual interpretations.

Dockx has realised “Untitled” in Studio 3 together with the London artist and writer Douglas Park. It is part of a series begun in 2003, which aims to investigate institutional structures and identities. A series of slides with images and texts documents an exhibition in Bologna that has never been shown to the public. It comprises works and performances that have left traces behind in a building now standing empty after the inauguration of a new art museum – a rather eerie ‘group exhibition’ and at the same time a reflection on past, present and future, potential ideas of what constitutes an art museum.

Nico Dockx & Helena Sidiropoulos:
“Untitled (Studio 240)” – 17th January 2008

Nico Dockx präsentiert gemeinsam mit Helena Sidiropoulos am 17. Januar in Studio 240 ein speziell konzipiertes Poster, das jeweils eine Abbildung aus den privaten Archiven der beiden Künstler zeigt und so vielmehr Illustration zweier persönlicher Standpunkte als ‚Kunstwerk’ ist. Es wird vor Ort an die Besucher verschenkt.

18.01. – 03.02.2008
Tue - Sun: 2 - 7pm
Admission free

7 - 10 pm

Nico Dockx holds a fellowship from the government of Flanders, Brussels, within the context of our International Studio Programme.

Studio 3, Bethanien