New Black Romanticism

34 international artists

Greta Alfaro / Alexandra Baumgartner / Berthold Bock / Roland Boden / Sven Drühl / Martin Eder / Axel Geis / Anders Grønlien / Bertram Hasenauer / Susann Maria Hempel / Gregor Hildebrandt / Tommy Høvik / Lisa Junghanß / Krištof Kintera / Andrey Klassen / Michael Kunze / William Lamson / Bill Morrison / Nik Nowak / Markus Proschek / Adam Saks / Sándor Szász / Jan Šerých / Moritz Stumm / Jan Švankmajer / László Szotyory / Philip Topolovac / Iris Van Dongen / Fabrizia Vanetta / Quay Brothers / Ruprecht Von Kaufmann / Jan Vytiska / Maik Wolf / Ralf Ziervogel

Something in this exhibition is not right. While everything around us is sinking into chaos, opportunities for art arise from sheer impenetrability. The images, objects and videos in this exhibition purposefully hint at dark secrets by merging real and surreal worlds. Thereby, a climate of uncertainty, doubt and approximation is created. But in the same way that many people mistrust commentators and fact checkers, and instead prefer to believe in their own truths, artists too are playing cunning games with their audiences’ perception, if not fears, and with their collective fantasies.

Curator: Christoph Tannert
Curatorial assistance: Miriam Barnitz
Curator film programme: Robert Seidel

16.11. – 10.12.2017
Tue - Sun: 2 - 7pm
Admission free

7 pm