Muriel Gallardo Weinstein

On weaving a basket

Gallardo Weinstein’s artistic practice is interdisciplinary, focusing on the discovery, exploration and acquisition of spaces, whether cultural, geographical or intellectual in nature. The centrepiece and title-giving work of her current exhibition, On weaving a basket, is a large-format textile sculpture – an oversized basket, which Gallardo has fabricated in time-consuming work by hand: the different threads of the weave consist of traditional types of fabric from various ethnic groups and cultural spheres – with their typical colours and patterns –, which Gallardo collected from the local markets of the different communities in Berlin. In this context, the weaving symbolizes the ethnic-cultural layers of Berlin society: Gallardo made use of Berlin’s official migration statistics and implemented the percentage figures exactly in the type of material corresponding to each country or culture: starting out from the concept of cosmopolitanism, in this way Gallardo presents a global vision of the city of Berlin while simultaneously finding a metaphor for the body in space – for Gallardo, the spiral of the constantly growing basket weave represents the city’s demarcation lines and the complex weave of relations that constitute and construct it.

12.04. – 06.05.2018
Tue - Sun: 2 - 7pm
Admission free

7 pm

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