The many happenings

Mahony’s art practice makes use of a large number of media including photography, video, print, collage and sculpture, but also performance or interventions in public space. The artist trio draw their subjects from the inexhaustible reservoir of publicly known or unknown historical and social situations and stories. These are subjected to a complex process of appropriation, revaluation and transfer into new contexts defined by Mahony.
The exhibition The many happenings illuminates the theme of absence from various aspects and presents some of the artists’ reflections on the premise that an endless number of realities exist rather than one universal reality: A clue in a crossword puzzle found in a French newspaper, seeking a “mot d’absence” (word for the “absent”) inspired Mahony to create their installation in the entrance area to the Schauraum, which reflects on the theme of ‘Absence’ in a way that is both poetic and minimalist; progressing to the upper floor, visitors find themselves face to face with an immense and yet filigree installation which not only takes up the absence of information but also the issue of its scaling and referential system.

The group Mahony was founded in Vienna in 2001 and consists of Stephan Kobatsch, Clemens Leuschner and Jenny Wolka.


15.11. – 15.12.2013
Tue - Sun: 2 - 7pm
Admission free

7 pm


Mahony is a grantee of the Austrian Federal Ministry for  Education, the Arts and Culture and the Austrian cultural forum, Berlin