Lisa Rosenmeier

Blue Light / Blaues Licht / Blaalys

©Lisa Rosenmeier

Looking at Instagram accounts today, we see snapshots of a staged life, strung together like beads in a necklace. The involuntary response is: What came before these shots, what happened afterwards? It is this temporal dimension of photography that particularly interests Lisa Rosenmeier.
Recently, she has been concerned more and more with the connection between light and photography. Some photos look like abstract patterns of light, but they are always anchored in the world. A transitory beauty flickers briefly before it goes out, and Lisa Rosenmeier’s photos are a celebration of the ephemeral. It seems as if the world briefly holds its breath to be photographed before the cosmic game of creation and destruction recontinues.
Her new series Blue Light (since 2022) centres around the theme of time as well. The origins of these images are shots of people searching for amber on the Danish west coast at night. Lisa Rosenmeier focused on the reflection of their blue lamps, over which a mighty sky arches on occasion. At Künstlerhaus Bethanien, she combines these photos with other shots of lights that seem to hover in space. Finally, visitors can actively influence the light in the exhibition. Those who wish to can have their brainwaves recorded while they are looking at the artworks using a special device and an app; the visitor is then transformed into a co-creator of the exhibition. Let there be light!

Text: Rainer Unruh

07.07. – 30.07.2023
Tue - Sun: 2 - 7pm
Admission free