Johanna Terhechte

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Johanna Terhechte, Katja 1, 2, pigment print, 2020. Courtesy the artist.

The centerpiece of Johanna Terhechte’s exhibition at Künstlerhaus Bethanien is an image of one disembodied hand passing a piece of a paper to another. “Paper is the most two-dimensional thing I can think of,” the artist explains, “but by being handed to someone else it suddenly becomes something completely different.” It’s this fascination with perspective that drives all of Terhechte’s recent works, whether photography, video, or sculpture. For another group of featured photographs, for instance, the artist asked a friend to keep one pose while she gradually moved around her, in the process asking her audience to question how we read perspective in sculpture versus photography. In other works, the change is barely perceptible: it’s only the slight movement shadow that allows us to recognize that time has passed from one image to the next.

Alongside these new pieces, Terhechte is also showing the video work The Murder – A Tribute to Daisy Armstrong (2017). Showing tape fluttering in the wind in front of a white modernist wall, its title refers to a child character who is kidnapped and killed in Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express, creating a tension between what we see and what’s been left out of the frame.

Johanna Terhechte *1994 in Berlin, is currently studying Fine Arts at the Art Academy Düsseldorf in the class of Peter Piller. Recent exhibitions and video screenings have been shown at Kunsthalle der Sparkasse Leipzig (2019), KÖR Wien (2019), Kunstverein Jesteburg (2019), Golden Pudel Club Hamburg (2018), and Kunstverein Tiergarten Berlin (2018). Johanna Terhechte is kindly supported by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe. Her exhibition is part of the European Month of Photography (1st -31th October 2020).

02.10. – 25.10.2020
Tue - Sun: 2 - 7pm
Admission free