Guglielmo Castelli

Goodmorning Bambino

Who Will Come to Find You First, Your Devil or Your Gods?, 2018, mixed media on canvas, 140 x 100 cm, Courtesy the artist.

GUGLIELMO CASTELLI’s artistic practice is based on a profound interest on the body and its relation to the space. His exhibition Goodmorning Bambino presents newly developed bright and large-scale paintings with full-figured bodies in uncertain environments that are brought to life through an intense work process. From the sketch-book to the final painting back onto an unprepared, drawing-like canvas, Castelli employs a multitude of experimental layers as he explores his subject matters, carefully selecting, testing, reforming and translating them. 

Understanding the body as a kind of landscape, Castelli forms strong but melancholic, vigorous but fragile and violent but soft distortions by mapping them onto his figures and building the spaces around them. By unfolding layered fields of oil colour and pastel, cinematographically staged fluid figures reach beyond the frame, exist between the spaces and transform their surrounding into scenes, which the visitors are invited to enter to immerse themselves with the untold stories and bodily reaches of Castelli’s protagonists. With his cautiously created ambivalences, that leave the viewer uncertain of the depicted destinies of his evolving, dissolving and merging bodies, Castelli developed a distinctive iconographic language that interconnects our contemporary state of instability, uncertainty and fleetingness with the constant desire for balance, safety and certitude.

24.05. – 17.06.2018
Tue - Sun: 2 - 7pm
Admission free

7 pm