Flavio de Marco


"Paesaggio (Isola di Stella)", acrylic and spray color on canvas, 200 x 300 cm, 2013.

“Stella Island is the world’s newest wonder. Situated in the heart of the Aegean Sea, in the Southern Cyclades, Stella is the largest artificial island ever created. It’s surface area of approximately 150 square kilometers features the greatest variety of different landscape types of any region that size. The island was designed like a collage of various natural environments, and features everything from deserts to forests, mountains, and tropical beaches”. (from the book Stella by Flavio de Marco)

The model island is the basis of the latest project Stella by Italian artist Flavio de Marco, whose practice belongs in the field of conceptual painting and an extended concept of painting. The associated experiences of space and time constitute a central theme in de Marco’s conceptual approach.
Stella Island is the artist’s attempt to find a means of presenting landscape in painting in a contemporary way. The starting point behind this artistic exploration is the book Stella, written by Flavio de Marco himself, in which details of his paintings and drawing serve as illustrations. Inspired by the model of the travel guide, this book advertises the imaginary island with its wide range of geographical conditions. In addition, the reader is given an insight into the island’s history, infrastructure and population.
Following its inauguration at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien further venues for the exhibition project will be in December at the Frankendael Foundation in Amsterdam and the Galleria nazionale d’arte moderna in Rome (2014).

23.08. – 22.09.2013
Tue - Sun: 2 - 7pm
Admission free

7 pm

The Stella project is generously supported by INVITALIA and Mesmer Artistic Association