Daniel M Thurau

It's Only Rock'N'Roll (But They Will Play It At Mc Donald's)

“The title of the exhibition is a paraphrase of the Rolling Stones song by the same name, which occurred to me during one of my rare meals in the aforementioned fast food restaurant. It illustrates – not without self-irony – the generally large gap between aspiration and reality, wish and being, and imagined and actual ability. ( … )
The paintings in this exhibition represent an attempt to work over things that seem unavoidable to me, without denying myself, although listing them proves almost embarrassing these days. The beauty of nature with its endless supply of colour and forms, coupled with our vain efforts to find a comfortable place in the world, serve as my excuse and the trigger behind the work; giving content to a contemporary form of painting in the hope that ultimately, a painting will come into the world, which has a present power. Its effects and outcomes, however, are beyond my future control.” (Daniel M Thurau)

Daniel M Thurau, *1974 in Köthen/ Anhalt, Germany, lives and works in Berlin.

24.05. – 18.06.2017
Tue - Sun: 2 - 7pm
Admission free

7 pm