TPF & VA n.0

Image: Carola Spadoni, The Peripatetic Film & Video Archive, www.theperipateticfilmandvideoarchive.net, 2022, variable dimensions, courtesy the artist

During her residency CAROLA SPADONI specifically worked on the research project “Archiving the Peripatetic Film & Video collection”. A collection of film and video footage shot by the artist since the late 1980s through a practice of using the camera as a diary, a sketchbook, a tool of engagement and contemplation. Her work deals with moving images, narration, intersectional theories and practices, and institutional critique.

“TPF&VA n.0” the first manifestation of the archive as platform, will exhibit segments of footage along a new edited work. The selected segments, mainly crowds of people and landscapes, propose a gathering of what has been missing in the recent pandemic times. A chance to contemplate and engage with the frictions of its aftermath. ”Chiapas EZLN/Genova G8, senza rivoltelle, 1996-2021” brings forward the issues and potency of the so called no-global movement, as still an urgent collective claim to re-enchant the world. “TPF&VA n.0” looks at how past present and futures can be dealt with, as the Zapatistas and subcomandante Marcos say with “a culture that would rebuild everything”. Custom made screens and monitors host the footage, along drawings and diagrams from the research and studio work, that led to the conception of the archive’s website. The screens, conceived as drawing commentaries on ornamental patterns and centered perspectives, shape the space into a unique gathering place.

The Peripatetic Film & Video Archive “TPF&VA” is a living platform whose formats and contributions change according to the contexts and venues in which it operates. The project expands through the ongoing commoning of the footage, texts, itineraries and cartographies. “TPF&VA“ is based on criteria of personal and professional life experiences, feminist practices, political and cultural activism, D.I.Y. inventions, independent filmmaking resources, institutional critique, sociability and non-hierarchical, dialogical working processes. It aimes to contribute to intersectional methods of archiving, generating an accessible tool for emancipatory knowledge.

CAROLA SPADONI is an Italian artist and filmmaker based in Berlin. She has exhibited and screened at the Berlinale, Forum section (2002), the 50th Venice Biennal (2003), Sesc Paulista in São Paulo (2008), OCAT in Shangai (2015), La Galleria Nazionale in Rome (2017). Her work is in private and public collections among which the MAXXI museum of contemporary art in Rome.

Recent awards include the Italian Council 9 and the Stipendien Sonderprogramm der Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa (2020).

Project supported by the Italian Council (9th edition, 2020), program to promote Italian contemporary art in the world by the Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity of the Italian Ministry of Culture.

With the cultural partnership for digitization of La Camera Ottica (DIUM, Udine).


19.05. – 12.06.2022
Tue - Sun: 2 - 7pm
Admission free

7 - 10pm