Michael Lee

Some Detours

Michael Lee works as an artist, curator and publisher. The main emphasis of his work is on urban history and fiction – and in this context with phenomena accompanying loss.
Lee’s exhibition in Künstlerhaus Bethanien shows new and long-term works examining different aspects and facets of the topic of ‘loneliness’: “to map out solitude” as the artist describes his intention. In 2005 Lee began to be concerned with abandoned architectural structures left to the effects of decay, and with the sense of loneliness that seems to emanate from them.
In the Künstlerhaus Lee is showing Some Detours, a series of new paper sculptures, as well as acrylic paintings from a series begun in Berlin, Dwelling: they show ground plans of architectural structures that have been abandoned or left to decay, ranging from a one-room apartment to a prison building, hospital or a monastery complex. Up in the air, nestling against a pillar in the exhibition space, we can find the Skeletal Retreat No. 1, which finally takes Lee’s work to the three-dimensionality of sculpture – a minimalist tree house, that traditional place of physical retreat that is symbolic of our small escapes, private sphere, imagination and adventure.
The opening on 28th February is also the official launch of Lee’s new series of publications Corridors: Notes on the Contemporary. The conceptual focus of the first issue is the topic of “Solitude”.

01.03. – 24.03.2013
Tue - Sun: 2 - 7pm
Admission free

7 – 10 pm