Aneta Kajzer / Manuel Stehli

Out of Touch / Out of Time

Two positions in painting come together in the double exhibition Out of Touch / Out of Time, postulating an affinity in their very distinctions from one another:
Aneta Kajzer experiments on large-format canvases, with settings of highly contrasting colours and develops her motifs initially through an intuitive process, inasmuch as layer after layer of colour is applied, mixed, and occasionally scratched off again. The outcome is a pictorial world fluctuating between humour and intense seriousness.
In Manuel Stehli‘s paintings, the surfaces function as a means to isolation. His painting seems to exist without any narration or temporality; it is space that dominates. Employing muted colours and hard edges, in his works Stehli succeeds in submerging apocryphal landscapes as well as figures in an atmosphere of ambivalence.
In Out of Touch / Out of Time, in search of an unambiguous statement from the works the viewer is confronted by his own attitude of expectation. Ultimately, it is precisely this ambiguous legibility of the paintings that unites the two artistic positions despite their formal differences.
Curator of the exhibition: Carina Bukuts

A panel discussion will be taking place in the exhibition at 7 pm on 15.03.2018, entitled “Who is afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue” (in ENGLISH, free admission).
Participants: Carsten Fock (painter), Katharina Martinelli (restorer, Roeck company), Christoph Tannert (artistic director, Künstlerhaus Bethanien) and Karen David (Winsor & Newton).

Aneta Kajzer and Manuel Stehli are grantees of
Winsor & Newton.

01.03. – 25.03.2018
Tue - Sun: 2 - 7pm
Admission free

7 pm