Andrea Brandão


An uncertain image is by definition unreliable. An image can be true or fake and we as a contemporary society, saturated by deceiving images, need to be critical about them in order to overcome a shallow, one-dimensional experience. Andrea Brandão’s exhibition UNCERTAIN IMAGE questions and explores the effects of such true and false (self-)images. A thoroughly elaborated project, that unpredictably links thoughts, creating different forms of images, exploring and looking out for their essences.
The visitors are invited to actively participate in the exhibition to consciously explore and experience the polarities and grey areas of images. The concepts of transition and transgression are brought into play to question and leave our comfort zone – a make-believe construction of reality – in order to move to another, more open state.

The artist will accompany her exhibition by an extensive side programme:

Sculpture Perfomance “Shifter” with Sonia Noya (4.10., 7 – 10 pm and 28.10., 4 – 7 pm);

Sculpture Performance “Bliss” with Andrea Brandão, every Saturday and Sunday, 4– 5 pm (except 20./ 21.10.);

Workshop “The body creates the space creates the body”(26.10. at 3 pm) limited to 20 persons/ for the workshop, please register at studiobrandao@gmail.com !

Andrea Brandão will also be represented with her work at Art Book Fair Friends with Books (19th-21th October 2018). Brandão´s will be presenting an exemplary of her artist book “all my life”, as a preview of the book future edition,  as well as other printed work.

04.10. – 28.10.2018
Tue - Sun: 2 - 7pm
Admission free

7 pm