Anahita Razmi

Term and Reversion

Appropriation, transfer and re-enactment are possible key concepts with which to characterize Anahita Razmi’s artistic practice. Her works deal primarily with translocation, cultural transfer, and migration, and the associated changes in paradigms and perspectives.
For her current complex of work, among other things the artist collected common articles of cheap trade, as well as linguistic patterns along a contemporary ‘New Silk Road’ and has combined them in a new, original way.
In Term and Reversion, Razmi deconstructs established art concepts as well as strategies of trade and advertising.

Anahita Razmi is a grantee of Outset Contemporary Art Fund, Outset Germany in the context of our International Studio Programme.

20.01. – 12.02.2017
Tue - Sun: 2 - 7pm
Admission free

7 pm