Aline Alagem

Skin, Tone

Aline Alagem experiments in her large-format paintings and occasional video-animations with representations of passion, beauty, pain and pornography, aiming at showing the discrepancy between the pictorial appearances and the actual structures and motivations, which are no longer recognisable in such “hyper images”.
With Skin, Tone Alagem presents a series of hyperrealistic paintings, and for the first time, a site-specific sculptural work.
The exhibition explores the connections between the image of the woman as an icon in pop-culture, mythology and pornography and her fragmented duality regarding her appearances as a narrative’s heroine, however constantly emanating from the male point of view and implementing male fantasies. She unfolds the multilayered fields that disguise themselves within the human desire for possession, idols and a dark urge of self-destruction and asks the provocative question, if they are not eventually one and inseparable. Ultimately, the artist succeeds also as a woman, who depicts picturesque pornographic scenes, in gaining a bit of control in a world of extensive loss of control.

With the kind support of the Embassy of Israel in Berlin


27.05. – 19.06.2016
Tue - Sun: 2 - 7pm
Admission free

7 pm