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Alan Warburton in "Preview Penetrating Surfaces", curated by Robert Seidel

Spherical Harmonics, 2014, Video, 5:08 min

Spherical Harmonics, 2014, Video, 5:08 min

Alan Warburton

*1980, lives and works in London (England)

Today the image in photography and video is synthetic – the real and algorithmic worlds of non-uniform moments collide and intersect. In Alan Warburton’s film Spherical Harmonics these superimpositions are compartmentalized and isolated into self-contained protagonists.

So the human figure, based on a digital readymade, is decomposed into the constituent layers of the rendering process. The character Maya, named after the 3d application used, impassively watches the dissolution of her world: light sources decouple from their physical properties and penetrate walls, perfectly mirroring surfaces reveal their algorithmic origin through a smearing flicker and birds cluster into a multiple exposure in the spirit of Étienne-Jules Marey.

Through the dissection of the components of the synthetic image Warburton unveils their basic truth and reflects on how the over-idealization of reality might shape or limit the liberty of thought.

The work is a preview of Penetrating Surfaces an extensive screening curated by Robert Seidel (http://www.robertseidel.com) for the Film Museum Vienna (May 24 and 25, 2014).  It deliberates on the materially-inherent aesthetic potential of the digital, a search above and beyond the boundaries of software and its media metaphors.



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