Yuya Suzuki


Photo: David Brandt

Yuya Suzuki extracts symbolic images from elements that we usually overlook in contemporary urban life. He uses drawing as a basis for translating these elements into an abstract visual landscape. His symbols function like phonemes or syllables in a linguistic pattern. They emerge as a form of language — like a codified text — that interacts with our collective unconsciousness and memory. Yuya’s images feel familiar at a first glance, but continue to cleverly escape from being linked to specific meanings. Each image is drawn from a part of an actual city-scape, but the level of abstraction varies: from images that closely resemble the original motif to heavily abstracted imagery separated from the original. Yuya is an observer. He moves across cities and countries, collecting impressions for his visual texts. Through drawing, painting and installation, he seeks to unveil and express a universal language that exists across cultures.