Yurika Sunada


Engrave, 2019, steel, motor, 200 × 200 × 200 cm. Photo: Michiko ISHIKAWA

I am consciously giving shape to the myriad trifling matters that I feel around me as part of my daily life. Whenever I experience something that moves me, I want to keep that moment in my memory, complete with the surrounding air. In order to imprint the things my senses tell me as they are, I keep my eyes and ears wide open. However at some point, every one of those “moments” turns into a memory, and the more time passes, those supposedly vivid memories gradually fade and become vague. By adding an aspect of movement to my works, my intention is to cause and communicate changes in their perpetually moving spaces and boundaries through the juxtaposition of elements of light, shade, sound and air.

01.10.2019 – 01.10.2020