Wim Catrysse


Wim Catrysse’s video installations are intended to make the spectator aware of his or her own viewing and experiencing. An important aspect of this involves addressing the viewer and the way the work is integrated into the space. On the one hand, Catrysse’s video films are themselves an investigation into the relationship between the body and the surroundings; the characters are thus often situated in closed spaces that seem to determine their behaviour or state of mind. On the other hand, there is the presentation of the films: each video has its own ‘environment’ or way it is set up. Usually this closely corresponds with the ‘filmed’ space in which the film takes place, which means that in a certain sense the spectator is situated in a continuation of the projected space.

(Excerpt from: Eva Wittocx, The difference between seeing, experiencing and witnessing, in: A-Prior N-6, Autumn/Winter 2001-2002, Brussels.)

01.03.2005 – 28.02.2006

Wim Catrysse