Tine Oksbjerg


In my videos I mainly focus on the minimal narratives based on psychological states and social situations in which issues about negotiation of power, identity and gender are raised.

I’m interested in what defines different groups and communities of people, and how people interact as social individuals in relation to a community or social situation, investigating issues about lifestyle and power-structures, class difference and its impact on daily lives. My works serve as expanded tableaus or glimpses of a larger story we never get to know in total. These situations are often reconstructed sets inspired by situations from everyday life or/and references to art historical works.

To explore these minimal narratives, I use the seductive nature of the media like close-ups and details. The theme of seduction and desire is put into a structure imbued with unresolved expectation and tension, often with a little sense of humor.

01.01. – 30.06.2010