Thomas Schmahl


Thomas Schmahl, L'aire mirabelle, 2021, installation, FRAC Lorraine | Degrés Est

Thomas Schmahl (b. 1994) lives and works in Reims. He graduated from the École supérieure d’art et de design de Reims (ÉSAD) and won the Prize for Young Contemporary Creation at the Mulhouse 019 biennial.

His work revolves around the notion of montage and uses various mediums including sculpture, installation, film, music, performance, drawing and writing. This multidisciplinary approach allows him to create analogies and to play with associations of ideas that point to the deficiencies and absurdities of contemporary everyday life.

Solo exhibitions include Degrés Est: Thomas Schmahl at Frac Lorraine, Metz (2020), Les positions vulnérables at Domaine de Kerguéhennec (2021), Je vais et je viens at Motoco, Mulhouse (2021) and Gestes simples at Cycle Up, Paris (2022). His work has also been exhibited in group shows such as Vidéo Club at Frac Champagne-Ardennes, Reims (2020) and Les nourritures criées at Zoo Galerie, Nantes (2020).

He has also presented musical performances at Frac Lorraine (2020), in La Chapelle Saint-Jean (2021), Fondation d’entreprise Ricard, Paris (2022) and Quadrilatère, Beauvais (2022). His first film, Les positions vulnérables, will premiere at the Côté Court festival in Pantin as part of the Prospective section (2022).

In 2020, he completed a residency at Domaine de Kerguéhennec and a residency at the Centre for Juvenile Offenders in Reims organised by Frac Champagne-Ardennes in 2021.

He is a co-founder of The Left Place The Right Space, which opened in Reims in 2020.

01.07. – 15.11.2022