Thomas Lerooy


Thomas Lerooy’s sculptures and drawings question various historical tendencies in the visual arts by means of an imaginative play with images. Starting from a seemingly restrained figurative language, Lerooy creates a universe with endless possibilities where one image spontaneously proceeds from another, creating a labyrinthine mindscape of multilayered meanings and misleadings. Transience and death are omnipresent in these drawings and sculptures, but so is a vibrant vitality reminiscent of a danse macabre.

Lerooy’s sculptures betray the artist’s fascination with the tradition of monumental sculpture and the notion of “aura” in art, while his perfectionist, almost mannerist attention to style and technique bears testimony to his eye for detail and proportion.

(Tanguy Eeckhout, 2007)

01.03.2009 – 28.10.2010