Soo Jung Choi

South Korea

I regard myself as a bottomless painter – an image rider, an intruder and stalker who is thinking about type, typo and topology as structuring elements of visual puns, about homology in anthropology, and the discrepancy between image and meaning.

Currently, I paint anarchic images which do not function well in certain contexts. These images, which are juxtaposed, accumulated and embroidered, are transformed into materiality through the process of painting. My paintings thus consist of peels of acrylic color or actual materials such as threads on the surface. Perforating the surface, they expose their background and create both a pictorial illusion and a non-identical space.

The images in my paintings, which appear isolated from any distinct context, provide each viewer with the possibility of multiple interpretations – almost like a flashback.

15.03.2009 – 15.03.2010