Sofia Bäcklund


Different ways of connecting to the world. Strategies for getting involved. Physical matter is a means for me to work with these problems. Every person is only one and one’s time is restricted – this is an interesting point of departure. It has a lot to do with limits, fighting to overcome them and struggling to establish them. I am interested in the expansion of experience in relation to summaries and abstractions.  I work with series of sculptures that are both abstract and depicting, their size almost always close to the one of the human body. The materials I use are a mix of stable and more fragile ones -like welded steel, paper and fabric. The sculptures draw their energy from my immediate surroundings.

Common space is something that we create, but as often are forced to deal with whether we like it or not. Important notions in my practice are: apathy, acceleration, accumulation, production, manageability and distinction.