Soda_Jerk are two collaborative artists since 2002, who work exclusively with audiovisual samples to create new narratives. By atomising and reassembling recorded culture they aim to manufacture counter-mythologies of the present. In their work sampling becomes a means of synthesising distinct space-times, making explicit the inherent ‘science-fiction’ of recorded media. Their work at Künstlerhaus Bethanian includes the completion of Astro Black: A History of Hip-Hop, a four-channel video installation that draws on the cultural theory of Afrofuturism. Mixing fictional sources and historical facts, this work proposes a radical historiography that is part documentary and part sonic fiction. Soda_Jerk are also currently experimenting with the material manipulation of celluloid in ‘The Dark Matter Cycle’, a series of videos set at the conceptual intersection of recorded media, the passage of time and death.

01.07.2010 – 30.06.2011