Simon Le Ruez


Simon Le Ruez is a sculptor and installation artist who also uses drawing and video. His eclectic mix of materials and media, often brought together to transcend a given expectation, produce scenarios infused with themes of territory, longing, concealment and release. Forms of opposition and the notion of complicit conflicts infiltrate many of his works and through these subjects, a sense of play and commentary evolves on and around the nature of systematic observation, deconstruction and the act of remaking. As a means to fully implicate the viewer in these unfolding tensions, his works are often explored in relation to particular spaces where the potential for movement and change is a pertinent one. Pivoting around both the physical and the psychological, the process of making lies at the core of the work and through a dialogue of little curiosities the viewer is drawn into the plight of individual lives and a rich layering of experience expressed through form.