Hyunsil Choi


Dots and lines drawing_memories, (150x110cm)4EA, oil stick on paper, 2021

Another Thought Process through Working on Paper

Hyun-sil Choi’s art is defined by the arrangement of short dotted lines, which seem to be replicated indefinitely, and the repetition of similar forms. These elements reveal subtle differences, highlighting the uniqueness of each form and bringing us closer to understanding their shapes. By repeatedly drawing these forms, she purifies our unfamiliarity with differences and reinforces our ability to recognize heterogeneous feelings, allowing us to become accustomed to images that could not be specified. The individuality of the lines that make up the form is what gives each form its uniqueness. Choi uses black and white color planes that create a reverberation in the blank space on the canvas and the difference in materials, charcoal and oil stick, adding to the uniqueness of her work. Her drawings create blank space in areas where there are no forms, and this blank space is created by inconsistent thickness and density of the white forms. The blank spaces created by the black shapes, brushing and smearing, reflect each other like mirrors. The form provokes imagination in the empty space, and this imagination is projected back into the form, giving it new meaning. The process of erasing meaning and creating is repeated endlessly.

01.05. – 31.12.2023