Shin il Kim

South Korea

My motivation for making an artwork is to realise the history of art in terms of its limitations. I am equally concerned with the human condition and mankind’s attempts at achieving a balance in life. These themes intermingle in my work as I try to transcend their restrictive barriers.

One of the ways to depict these ideas in an artwork is to draw objects using no colour but a single pressed line on paper, a minimal gesture on a white page, so that the drawing can be seen or not according to the angle of light. Video footage is the blueprint for these drawings. The pressed line on paper embraces visual emergence and disappearance simultaneously with the angle of light. I start with an image that is then traced ‘frame by frame’; after I have made hundreds of these drawings, they are animated at 30 drawings/frames per second to form a video. In this process of going from video to drawing and back to video, I endeavour to combine the main aspects of each of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensions, respectively painting, sculpture, video and light, in order to see other possible forms in art.

15.03.2005 – 15.03.2006

Exhibition: 27.01 – 12.02.2006