Sergio Belinchón


Since 1997 Sergio Belinchón’s photographic interest lies in landscape, city and urbanity. In individual series of photographs, his work chronicles various aspects of what the city as human habitat, and urbanity as life’s context, mean to the people inhabiting the cities. They are portrayed in Belinchón’s photographs without necessarily being physically present in the images.

From the anonymity and loneliness that the city represents, through the colonization of nature reduced to a construction site – a colonization continually taking on new form, in which things appear and disappear, and where endless residential blocks, abstracting the identity of the subject, spread hopelessness – to the typical places viewed by tourists in order to recognize things already seen, these spaces are transformed into vicarious forms of experience.
And in the end the series merge into an entity, which – exactly like the city – is made up of an accumulation of things, which lead ultimately into boundlessness.