Sarah Ryan


In my work I aim to photograph moments that appear suffused with a delicate beauty and with an attentiveness to things and actions in contemporary culture. I seek to create images that allude to contemporary life-styling and its many guises of yearning, banality, glamour and poise; to suspend the images at a peculiar remove so that they seem at once familiar and remote; and to create ambiguous imagery that is suggestive of possible readings rather than one absolute statement.

These visual concerns correspond with the non-static and elusive qualities of the lenticular medium. Lenticular images, which are most commonly associated with 3D postcards, greetings cards and novelty items, create an optical three-dimensional effect and/or add flow of motion to an image. I have been working with lenticular imaging techniques over the last ten years, and extending the lenticular medium beyond its novelty usages and associations forms an integral component of my art practice. The actual blurring, the slightly out-of-focus rendering that the lenticular process achieves serves to imbue my images with an uncanny unreadability.

01.07.2008 – 30.06.2009